The above video is of Ron Panzer, President of Hospice Patients Alliance discussing at the 2010 Life Conference who are the Medical Killers and why some are doing it. Ron Panzer is the author of the recently published book: “Stealth Euthanasia:Health Care Tyranny in America.” This book has been made available in html form for the pubic viewing. See: for further information

Specific stories, including news article of arrests and convictions can be found listed in the category/topic section found to your right.

Most Medical Serial Killings, or  to use a more politically correct term – Health Care Serial Killings are not the work of madmen working alone.  Nor are they the work of a person with compassionate characteristics.  For the most part that is a fallacy.  Those that are killing are doing so because:

1.  They can and/or

2.  Because they are being rewarded financially

3.  Very rarely is anyone killed to end anyone’s suffering, out of a claim of  compassion by the murderer, and all the other flowery
excuses that  are   tossed about. This section has absolutely nothing to do with patients that want to end their own lives and who have not been coerced by others into saying they want death to save money or so relatives won’t have to take care of them or any other reason involving anyone but themselves.

Those that are killing are doing so simply because they can, and/or have something wrong with them.  If they didn’t they wouldn’t be doing it in the first place.  Those that do it for money also have something wrong with them but justify their actions with various psychological scenarios, again, because they are getting money.

To recap:

*****Some or more realistically even most of these murders are done to make corporate money by manipulation of the payment schedule within Medicare.*******  See: Odyssey Health Cares propectus below for details on just financially lucrative medical killing can be.  See: This is an outdated link.
above since removed and now stored at:

and an additional newer case involving Odyssey at:

Some of these murders are done just because they can.  

No matter what the motivation,  the criminal and his cohorts, always, if working with a corporation justify their actions with something as trite as “they were  going to die eventually anyway.”

None of the cases displayed in this site have anything to do with true compassion, sparing a patient or family, grief, any act of compassion or respecting/honoring the wish of any patient.  All are outright murders.  Most are for financial gain.  Some were done just because the criminal thought that they could get away with killing someone.

The news articles listed on the left hand side of this section  are not always up to date because of time constraints.  The point being made in this section is that these types of events are in no way rare, unheard of, nor are they considered uncommon by law enforcement.  

I am following these stories because in the past few years there has been a trend  in the managed care industry  to kill patients that are deemed not “cost effective”.  I also learned from these articles that individuals that kill without a patients permission, no matter what their physical condition are nothing more than Medical Serial Killers.  They all have a pattern of repeatedly killing.  It isn’t a random event in most of these cases and despite what some people would like to think, most of their actions are financially profitable to either themselves or the corporation that employs them. Many are provided bonuses for efficiently moving the patients out of the program very fast.  Also from my own personal investigation I deduce that the managed care industry is welcoming individuals with twisted minds into their profession often offering them financial compensation if they do commit murder to save the managed care entity money. Remember this is only my opinion, I am not speaking for anyone else in this matter.  I encourage you to make your own conclusions.  

The truth is that under Medicare provisions these government financed programs cannot be profitable if they are run honestly and as intended.  The reason they cannot be is because everyone is eventually going to die.  These are short term programs and so these corporations must deal in volume to make money.

For some background and examples of what does happen you may want to check out Odyssey Health Cares propectus though to see a money making formula routinely used  by the industry.  See also:


Odyssey Healthcare to Pay U.S. $12.9 Million to Resolve Hospice Fraud Case

in text form at:

I think that if you look into this subject a little further you will find that there is no real difference from for profit or non profit corporations that care for patients.  They all are only about making money for themselves or their stockholders off of government contracts.  

Please view
of the linked to corporate prospectus.  This prospectus or stockholder financial report is being used as an example of what takes place in this industry.  This particular company just happened to get caught doing some things that were very, very wrong.  You will also notice that no one patient was still on the program once the government payment cap was reached.  The reason for that is the corporation stands a chance of triggering a Federal Audit into their corporate business practices.  There is no lingering illness on that program.  It just isn’t cost effective.

You must die or check out of the program before that cap is reached.  Period!  An audit would mean that the Federal Government would find many people that were not really dying that the corporation was billing for.  This place deals in volume so there is a great deal of money that the government is paying them.  You get 90 days paid by the government to the corporation.  According to Odyssey most patients are gone forever by 85.2 days.  85.2 days – Four days short of a computer program in the Medicare system that  could trigger an audit.  What a coincidence.  They must really have honed medical science to be that exact on how long any patient, with any illness, disease, etc., is going to last.  

More detailed information on the financial rewards for doing in the patients, especially when the government is paying for their medical care can be found her at:

Glance at page 16 to get a general idea what this is all about.  Then go for the meat of the financial information.  Just do a quick search for the term “Medicare Cap.”  

Never let anyone tell you that this is a rare occurrence. 

Never let anyone tell you that some doctors and nurses are not capable of murder. Don’t believe any nonsense about they did it to save people from suffering.  They either have a mental problem of some sort or they are making money off of it.  True mercy killings are far and few between.  There is generally no need for them. Just as we all learned that there are no vast warehouses for comatose people to be kept we also have learned that most people do not die in great pain, in an undignified manner, suffering in an unimaginable manner.  Some people do suffer, some are in pain, not most of them.  That part of their story is nothing more than a myth.

Just as the reality is with pets and livestock, the underlying motivation with euthanasia is to either save money or to make money.  Most people have an animal put down because it will cost more than they can afford or are willing to pay for medical care.  These corporations are doing the same thing with people.

Here is a link to a listing of Serial Killing Medical Experts:  –  I have no affiliation with that link,  nor have I any knowledge of the experts listed on that page.  It is just something that I located online.