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Nurses tied to insurance murder tried to kill friend's mom

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From the Mainichi Daily News

FUKUOKA -- Three nurses accused of insurance murder also attempted to kill and rob the mother of their friend two years ago by injecting her with insulin, police said Wednesday.

Former nurses Junko Yoshida, the 42-year-old ringleader of the insurance murder plot, Hitomi Ishii and nurse Kazuko Ikegami, were charged on Wednesday with plotting to kill the mother of their friend, Miyuki Tsutsumi.

In a bid to steal money, Ishii visited the home of Tsutsumi's mother, Misae Tsutsumi, 84, in Yanagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture, on May 29, 2000, posing as a private detective.

With Ikegami watching the house in a car parked nearby, Ishii forcibly gave the mother injections of insulin in the neck.

But Ishii was forced to flee after the mother made a scene. Ringleader Yoshida didn't accompany them on that day, Fukuoka police officials said. The mother was slightly injured in the neck and taken to hospital hours later.

Ishii and Ikegami admitted to the attempted murder and robbery allegations. But Yoshida denies the charges, the officials said.

Insulin is used to treat diabetics. Injection of insulin in a large volume can cause breathing disorders that can lead to death, experts say. (Mainichi Shimbun, June 12, 2002)

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