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Report: French doctor confesses to killing elderly sick patients

Aug 13, 2011, 11:16 GMT

Paris - A French emergency doctor has admitted to killing elderly sick patients with lethal injections, in apparent cases of euthanasia, French media reported Saturday.

'He did the same thing before. My client has been accompanying people to the end of their lives for many years. I cannot say how many,' the doctor's lawyer Arnaud Dupin told the daily Le Parisien. 

'He confessed to investigators, without going into the details of each case,' Dupin added.

The city of Bayonne launched an investigation after at least four of the doctor's elderly patients died in unusual circumstances.

Dupin said the 50-year-old doctor had discussed his actions with the families of several deceased patients, as well with colleagues.

'He does not regret his actions,' the lawyer said.

Media reported that the doctor had administered the lethal injections 'to shorten the suffering of his patients.'

He could face life in prison.