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Nurse Indicted in Deaths of Terminally Ill Patients
From Times Wire Reports

May 9 2002


A Dutch nurse was indicted on murder charges in the deaths of 14 terminally ill hospital patients--all young children or the elderly.

Lucy Isabelle Quirina de Berk, a former resident of Winnipeg, Canada, was also charged with the attempted murder of four people. She is accused of giving lethal doses of medicine to patients from February 1997 to September 2001.

De Berk, 40, has denied the charges. She has been in detention since her arrest in December.

Her trial is scheduled to begin June17.

The indictment said her victims included infants younger than 1 and people ages 64 to 91. They were patients in three hospitals in The Hague and one in the seaside suburb of Scheveningen.

Prosecutors said she was obsessed with death and had attempted suicide seven times in the last decade.

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